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Whatsapp bulk sending application/ programme

Employer : BIC trading
Budget : $500
Date Posted : 23-04-2012
Deadline : 30-04-2012
Job Description : We are looking at the creation of an application / programme that could mass send Whatsapp messages. Whatsapp currently limits broadcast limits of 25 contacts each time, not to mention having to select each contact manually. Our customer contacts are quite a few thousands. This app / programme which I require will have to be able to:

1) Able to read contacts from our contact address book (from a smartphone) and load/show only those who are also using Whatsapp program. A (multi select and select all) for those contacts who are found to be using Whatsapp. A text box to enter message (and if possible to attach files). A (send button) to finally send/broadcast the message to all the selected contacts in batches of 25 to be within the broadcast limit of Whatsapp. The messages will make use of Whatsapp's service. It can be a standalone program or a program that interface with Whatsapp's mobile apk to achieve this batch sending. Either web version or app will do.

Job Requirements : -PHP
-Android Honeycomb
-Alternative methods to accomplish the above task
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