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Title :

Illustrator/ Graphic Designers: Memory Lane: Greeting Card Design

Employer : Memory Highway
Budget : $50-100
Date Posted : 30-05-2012
Deadline : 08-06-2012
Job Description : Task: Greeting Card Design

Description of Organization:
My organization is a start-up, consisting of 6 enterprising university student leaders.

Project Description:
Our motto for our greeting cards: Sharing Experiences, Sharing Memories.
We create gifts not just what you need, or what you desire. But what you had, what you treasured. We re-enact memories that bond us together.

There are many memories we all share; memories in university, memories in our secondary school cca, memories in army, childhood memories in the playground, having a cup of coffee with a loved one.
Our goal is to make these shared memories available to our friends and family, in the form of illustrations on greeting cards. How meaningful it would be, if we received a greeting card from a friend, with the front page illustration jogging back sweet memories of the times we had together.
Hence, I invite you to join us in creating meaningful illustrations of shared memories, to warm the hearts of our friends and family.

Number of Illustrations:
Placement of Illustrations:
Illustration Color:
Card Size in Width:
148 mm
Card Size in Height:
210 mm

I will provide the following to the professional:
The professional must provide the following:
Colors, Concept, Graphics, Logo, Text/Copy

Project Start Date:
Project Completion Date:

Project Budget:
Do take note that we are university students, hence this greeting card endeavor is done on a shoestring budget.
We may not be able to afford to pay the designer up front for each greeting card design, depending on the designer's price quote.
However, what we can definitely offer designers is a fair percentage of profit per greeting card sold, personal recognition by way of your name on each greeting card produced, and the satisfaction of creating magical moments when the greeting card receiver grins in recognition of the shared sweet memories.

"Memories I sketch with my heart
Melodies etched on a card"

So partner us in designing shared memories greeting cards, and our organization will take care of printing, sales, postage of greeting cards to customers, finances, marketing and website design.

Take a peek at some ideas we have!
Job Requirements : Illustration & Art/ Graphic Design Skills
Payment Options :
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