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Title :

Create mass msg using Whatsapp on PC

Employer : Ray
Budget : $300
Date Posted : 02-09-2013
Deadline : 30-09-2013
Job Description : We are looking at the creation of an application / programme that could mass send Whatsapp messages. This app / programme which I require will have to be able to:

1) Able to read contacts fromcsv file and load/show only those who are also using Whatsapp program. A (multi select and select all) for those contacts who are found to be using Whatsapp. A text box to enter message (and if possible to attach files). A (send button) to finally send/broadcast the message to all the selected contacts in batches to be within the broadcast limit of Whatsapp. The messages will make use of Whatsapp's service. It can be a standalone program or a program that interface with Whatsapp's mobile apk to achieve this batch sending. Able to operate at windows .
Job Requirements : Create mass msg using Whatsapp on PC
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