Viewing Job : Looking for Female & Male Models for Lifestyle Print Ad Jul '11
Title :

Looking for Female & Male Models for Lifestyle Print Ad Jul '11

Employer : v1da
Budget : $-
Date Posted : 21-06-2011
Deadline : 05-09-2009
Job Description : Requirements:
- Caucasian, *Pan-Asian or Chinese Female Models, looks age 20yrs - 24yrs (real age does not matter).
- Caucasian, *Pan-Asian or Chinese Male Models, looks age 26yrs - 35yrs (real age does not matter).
- Female MUST BE slim-built, attractive looking with well-defined facial features and have relatively clear complexion.
- Male MUST have good build, good-looking with well-defined facial features and have relatively clear complexion.
- Experience not necessary if you fit the required look but you MUST BE comfortable in front of the camera.
- MUST BE responsible and have good working attitude.

*Pan-Asian defined as first generation Caucasian and Asian mix.

Shoot Date: Tentatively mid Jul '11.

Duration: ONE full day or less (8hrs or less). Exact duration to be confirmed.

Nature of Job: Model for a Lifestyle Print Ad (photo-shoot). Simple poses such as cheerful, happy smiles. Exact poses will be instructed.

Pay: Shortlisted applicants will be advised on exact rates. For established models, please let us know your usual full day rates.

Job Requirements : If you are interested, please email us the following:
1a. Basic information about yourself such as name, age, height and etc (if you have a models/talents CV, please send it in).
1b. Established Models/Talents please send in portfolio and CV. Please include some candid pics of yourself.
2a. Any website links where we can access your pictures such as facebook, friendster, blogs or etc.
2b. If pics are not available online, please email as many clear pictures (please include candid pics) of yourself as possible. Family/group pics are acceptable but do send them in larger sizes so that we can crop it out.
2c. If you had emailed us in the past, you do not have to email us again as we already have you on record.
3. Handphone number (Email inquiries without hp numbers will not be entertained).
4. Please state which job/ assignment you are trying for.

Only shortlisted applicants will be informed.

Please email to us as soon as possible as shortlisted applicants will be required to come for casting for the week of 27th Jun '11.

Please email to or call (do not sms) Steff +65 9239 8966 should you have further queries.

Thank you!
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